Piper Set-up Mods and Weapon

How would you set-up Piper Mod and Weapon wise?

I’d get piper and swap her out for Donny lol

Sorry just an opinion


she can be paired up with him on an attacking team

its just she is the almost exact copy of donny, albeit no leader skill and the extra damage thing green shiva has

the disarm ability can be okay but its a speciality and wears off very quick whereas a normal disarm toon wont need an extra 3-5 turns to disarm once more … that said can be useful if its 100% disarming of a toon as war/onslaught seems to nerf disarm every war

Personally, if shes going to be attacking toon add either attack base mods or Defence base mods, either one can greatly add much needed stats

she is only 1,514 defence at max so you defo need to be looking more at keeping her alive.

my second account i have her as

at: 3185
def: 1979
HP: 1839 (default stat)

and she does alright to stay alive

her weapon is default so you can add the normal

Stun, 35% attack and huge bonus to AP

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I’m f2p so i will never get her

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Here’s how mine is built. I have extra HP instead of DEF so she can survive Regina mainly.

Ap drain would also be good option for the mod or weapon.


Ftfy :kissing_heart: :hugs::crazy_face:

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So am I and I’ve got her :slight_smile:

Id be curious to see how splash special would work with cutthroat. :thinking:


Be great to charge enemy ars.

Unless they were impaired by diego, or stunned by ajax :blush:

I’ve been using a splash weapon on her in a collateral farming team with double alphas with double attack, makes quick work of farming everything

Kenny double alpha Zach Piper

Pew pew pew


Why not bryan


Honestly? I had forgotten about him hahaha. He has splash on him so would be a good choice. Wil try him over zach

Yeah with cd and splash weapon he is fun in sr

Yeah Bryan works very nicely in that setup. It’s a super quick farming team now :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminder

many free to play players have got her now

She works instead of including a focus toon. The majority of the time you use focus, it’s so you don’t have to hit a shield with a special ‘on defence’ weapon, her automatic disarm gets around this.
1 big thing I’ve found is that she needs a leadership attack buff as well as the weapon attack buffs and mods to do serious damage. That extra 40% makes a huge difference.

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