Piper & Sergio Weren't FTP Toons/Scopely's Mistake With Zhu Event

Just because a toon can be acquired without purchasing collection items doesn’t mean it’s FTP. I’m not even sure if Piper & Sergio were acquirable without purchasing collection items, either way they weren’t FTP toons. If a toon was acquirable by completing 3k raids withing 10 days but also by using up 1k gold coins, is it still a FTP toon?

This brings me to another issue. Zhu is suppose to be a FTP toon(I think) yet it looks like you need to be a paying customer and an elite player to get him. If you’re a paying customer, what use would you have for Zhu? FTP “need” Zhu but they can’t get him. The other players have almost no use for him. It makes no sense. What a S T U P I D company.

oh not you again, Sergio and piper were 100% free to play I know this because I have them both and didnt spend a penny ot any game coins

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They were free to play. No money needed. A massive time investment, but no actual money.


Sergio wasn’t. Hitting all milestones wasn’t enough


I’ve seen people say they hit all milestones in the events to get Sergio and got everything they should have needed, but it wasn’t enough. How did you get him without spending money or coins?


Piper was technically F2P although I only managed her in one region. Sergio definitely wasn’t.

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I think I transferred before it finished and got a double milestone or something as I dont spend no more

Then he wasn’t legitimately f2p.


Nobody claimed Zhu was F2P and he isn’t. It wasn’t possible to open all the stash without purchasing beads.

Piper also isn’t legitimately FTP. She’s technically FTP but you had to go through a lot of ridiculous hoops to get her for free.


Piper was free to play. Not a cent needed but required a lot of time commitment and also a certain play level.

Sergio was not free to play. I hit every single milestone except one and came up short on two items and if I got that one last milestone still would not have got him.

Zhu doesn’t appear to be free to play as of yet but with the beads from territories that might change for some but I do not believe they have given out enough.

Scopely rarely will never state a toon is complete free to play, rightfully so, most people have a different definition of it. Some people say if it takes too much time it isn’t free to play or it takes you already being at a certain level or playing for a certain amount of time already. But bottom line is free to play is attainable to me without spending a cent or using any coins on chance bags. But just because something is free to play does not mean it is attainable for everyone.

If we want to have a description for a toon that is attainable for everyone, including a brand new player, for minimal effort, we need to have a different term. Too many people think free to play should be little effort involved.

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