Piper roapmaps does not allow us to collect prize when completion of tasks

So we complete nissions and it goes straight to completed does not allow to collect prize and the main still says 7/9 completed and 8/9 completed. 6 hours left and almost 3 days since sent SS to support and no response. And the event will end… than they will tell us sorry they can’t give us piper.


If it’s on faction missions click on faction contributions to update

Goodluck on that support dont do anything about this same as @GR.Scopely, i have screenshots of the same problems even stopped counting in other missions ,they wil just say go to forum and forum says go to support, but they aint fixing or compensate you so dont hold your breath

Because of this mess of them i didnt got my second wayland and marlon
They play like they dont understand or care so goodluck

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By any chance did you leave your faction?

So how many of us are having issues with Piper road maps.? Everything says completed but hasn’t allowed me to collect several things and is costing me from recieving the toon. Support asked for SS of the issue but 2 days later no fix, no response and events about over. Than we know they will respond after event and tell us so sorry but now its to late we can’t give you the piper now. Just like before in different events. 6 hours to go until roadmaps done and still no responses.

@GR.Scopely is all over everything to day in the known issue world he will be back promptly with an answer…

Right i have send proof of things even the missing second wayland and marlon and @GR.Scopely just says go toto support while support is not helping so this is one big mess i have no confidence in this company anymore they have screwed up each single thing in this game for weeks and weeks result in 1250coins i think i spended over 23k coins only in a week time but stil get the finger thats how they work and stil going to work

Yep… same thing here. They won’t evan respond. If they screw us and we can’t get piper after the countless hours of grinding than we should be reimbursed every single coin spend in all aspects of the piper events.

Im sure they will respond right after event ends and we can no longer get her.

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You need to make sure you hit the contribution button for all tasks before you try to claim them.

Thanks for the report everyone - I have escalated this issue further.

In the meantime, if you could provide me with your account code you will find this code in the following format within your player profile in the game (XXX-XXX-XXX)

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If you left your faction or transfer after complete one of the rms they won’t count

I’m having a similar trouble. Gained 20 Broken Lucille from completing a mission and they did not count towards my other mission. With a few minutes left for the maps closing is there anything we could do? I already sent message to support (Romeo’s the one in charge of my report) but I don’t get any answer. @GR.Scopely

I sent code in already. And they sent me my lost stuff but 2 hours after events over didn’t do me any good. Especially after 3 days waiting. What are we supposed to do with the items if we can no longer do the roadmaps for the crossbones and can’t get piper.?

Nope. They send me everything missing. But 2 hours after event ended

Yep I know I did all that when you would acts out of the contributions for it to refresh it would go straight to completed and wouldn’t let you claim it

I sent all the info out to support and they finally credited everything I’m missing but they did it several hours after the event ended how am I supposed to complete something that isn’t there anymore and how am I supposed to get what I worked for when it’s gone now I even said when I posted this that they would wait until it was over and then send it to me after I’ve waited days for responses

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