PIPER question.....please

When you collect Piper, does the crossbones in the blue crate roadmaps remain …or do they disappear?

I know already that you can spend your crossbones to complete the blue crate roadmaps but they remain in your Piper count…just need to know if I still have them to open more crates of balding Bennies…lol

U can hit the map now spending the bones and they remain counted towards Piper


Yes i know that Bane…but I’m ready to cash in PIPER…will they still be there in the roadmaps after i get her?

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Yes they will

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Thanks mate…Rowdy Roddy PIPER…is mine…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

your collection for piper is just obtaining 8 corssbones.

once you claim piper your 8 crossbones are still in your inventory, they are only used in the roadmap section

x1 each for the daily or x3 for the 2nd alpha rm

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