Pipe Dream Suggestion: Daily Login Ascendance Token Calander

Just a suggestion that I know is far away from ever becoming a reality. But what I suggest is a login calendar that rewards ascendance tokens, which can be used in a limited time wheel that gives a random ascendable epic or their legendary form. To keep it in Scopely’s favor, there will be enough for two pulls, as I know they’ve been spoiling us a little recently. The month after the next could be another regular login calendar instead of free epic event. Also included in the calendar is some legendary gear. Not a whole lot to have every single player new and intermediate running T3 and T4 6⭐s but a few for all traits as a headstart or to provide those with a few to at least upgrade the ones they currently have.

If something like this was to ever be implemented, I know there’s a huge chance it will be brought down to one character and the gear would be removed. But honestly, I’d just like some way to get Alpha as she’s been on my mind. And having someone like her would definitely be a good reason to get Double Attack.


I wish this would happen.

It will probably be something like this. 4 pulls tho, one every week. Announcement comes in the very beginning in April.