Pinned event thread


Hey @kalishane - is there a way to have the event thread pinned, like in the old forum? Or am I blind and it is somewhere? Thanks in advance for reply.


Somewhere in your personal option there is the option to “automatically unpin posts once read”

You probably read it, and it unpinned.

U need to change ur settings so it doesn’t do that.

and then go to the post and at the bottom near “reply” and “watch/track/normal” settings there is “pinned” setting. You need to reset it to pin globally for you.


I guess you are reffering to this @mountkay?



So There is a thread with events and I am still too blind to see it? I did uncheck the option, no changes tho.


I believe it’s in Announcements! but i’ll check and pin there!

Update: Yes, it’s pinned in Announcements along with Patch Notes, etc.


@DreamWalker yep that’s what I was talking about.

:leader: Tournament Calendar [Edited 12/19]

Here is the calendar. Scroll to the bottom and click Pin to pin it globally.

I would also recommend Bookmarking it.


Oh. So I guess I was blind, but thanks to you I can see. Thanks guys.


Why is the 4th of November a Wednesday on that calendar when it should be a Saturday? Wierd.


I sent a PM to Kalishane. Looks like the October calendar was just renamed November and not renumbered

Scopely Calendar

I suppose that’s one way to create a calendar. Not the best way mind.