Pink egg question

Anyone know how many more we can get? I’m hoping for 150 more. lol, I know.

If I remember rightly should be a little over 400 Pink eggs in total.
Aka enough for 2 crates of Hockey Masks etc and Epic hunt 1

Edit: total amount



Don’t know why they made the pink eggs so hard to get, 25 a day just isn’t enough, that map should be giving at least 50 each day


With the event only lasting less than 24 hours there’s only one more 25 pink egg chance I’m wondering if it’s even worth doing this last one since they’re going to be 25 pink egg short I don’t think I’m even going to mess with the last roadmap no sense in it

Yay I’m actually glad this f****** event is done useless that one bit of motivation behind it I’m thinking that we should start Vice verse saying our needs are for the things that we don’t need maybe that will in turn give us things that we do need

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Come to think about it I’ve had a better time in the last day or two doing the flash roadmaps than I have this whole Easter fail event


‘cause there are x10 egg crates for sale for 99 coins everyday.

Damn I wish I spend a little but not a thousand coins a day

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