Picture tells it all

what else is there to say, a toon is released without it even being finished.

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What the hell.

Start caring again please.


But hey, let’s give them credit for putting a toon in the game without VK data mining it first.

One small step for Scopely. One giant stumble for Playerkind.


She paid caracter?

oh yeah, got vk good .

Sneak release an unfinished toon with zero information on how to get said toon.

Three weeks away from Christmas and not a word about any planned events, calendar looks naked so nothing to look forward to.

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Maybe the next S-Class event toon?

Does look Christmas themed though, could there be an event?

Knowing these blumpkins I have a sneaking suspicion that it wasn’t meant to go live yet. Just a sco pay screw up im sure.
They were probably trying to do something else and did this instead.


The monkey pressed the wrong button.

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That there is your Christmas toon you’ll be grinding for. Loooool
Not me, i broke up with 6*s recently…

Technically it hasn’t been released yet it’s just in the ascendance tower that is all

Not like this is the first time. Have even been actually released, not just appeared in the tower.

FWIW, TBD is a pretty bad rush. Do not recommend investing.

winter edition toon

A possible reward for upcoming FA event. And defo not S class. Regular 6*. Meaning: the event would suck.

Scope make a mistake? Shirley, you jest!


Being in the tower doesn’t equal “being released”


Exactly. People need to stop going crazy because of every damn little thing.

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Lolz, did they ever?

Idk what I was thinking, sco pay screw up? That’s giphy (4)

so switch released for announced and we can be happy for a pretty picture. happy now?