Pick your side help

So im going for maggie (for oobvious reasons) but people have been saying the last few stages are tricks can anyone be specific in which ones it is? And what team would be best to kill that team

They say walkers but are humans with crazy boosted stats, go in with a revive, healer, hp booster and a gaurdian and you will be fine just takes time. Control toons with like taunt work great also


Toons are randomized at this stages, right?

Thanks, do you know the exact stages though?

All the stages you have left are the bs lie stages with overpowered toons meant to force your hand into buying test tubes

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I was ALMOST tempted to buy some, even after they tricked everyone into thinking they could do it for free. But THIS was just a serious kick in the balls. This event has been nothing but deceit and trickery to get your money. Scopely has done some shady shìt before, but this is straight up a con

As opposed to the fact that they haven’t provided enough test tubes anyway so you’ll have to spend to finish…

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They just wanted to make double sure you can’t do it for free. Just in case they miscalculated the amount. So they force you to waste some

I run with Zeke, Carl, Aris, Naya and Duane as lead. I beat the whole thing with no losses on auto pilot. It’s not hard at all.

Is there people trying to get this toons? Is just a waste of time for some mediocre characters

Or the double attack weapon maybe.

So i just did this and its easy af… Ummm yea lol are some of you using Burts as your farm/zombie killing team? I went into this with Dante, Mackenzie, Glenn, Kal and Solange thinking ahh crap here we go this ones gonna be a doozy… :thinking:

Some people are probably out here using Caleb’s or Isabelle’s for all we know.

if you go with team godd vs humans is not problem.

The problem is that the game says walkers and are humans.

So no tubes in tomorrow’s slut?

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Not seen anything leaked yet, but i’m hoping so otherwise its been a complete waste

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They really should stop the hardish Human stages. ya ya I beat it but others can’t.

Already shared. Just started and there’s 600 tubes

The leader has 10500 attack. Rest of the numbers are around 4k

Last stage. Leader has 11500 attack

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