Pick your side bug

Part 3 key/wep shows zombies when they are human for last 2 areas

They don’t care; they’re lying about the stage contents so you waste your test tubes and have to buy more. An event for pretty trash toons can’t be completed without spending yet again sadly

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humans on stage 2 or 3? i need to know

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For me did ar gun was 3 to the end.

only 3 4 and 5? i read somewhere else that stage 2 also have humans

2 are humans as well, but they are much easier than act 3, most will just forget…

no 10k attack?

The leader on stage 3 had very high attack. Not 5 digits but high 4 digits. Don’t remember the exact number now.

Maggie’s rifle stage 2 and Pamela’s story act II stage 2 ranged from 15k attack and 7k defense. Pls fix

They don’t need to fix it, the content is supposed to be hard. Scopely is amazing and you should give them money to complete basic cont… I mean to support them /s


Hard yes lying no.

Maggie’s rifle stage 2 & 3, shows zombies but are humans.

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