Pick your roadmap

Purchased the flask, now the test tube offers have disappeared :joy:

Scopely: “Thank you very much :joy:

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Keep surviving

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Same here.

Waiting patiently.

No way there’s any point getting the crates…30!?!..seriously.

I think you mean. “Keep paying”

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I probably would, but they won’t take my money!

Same here, got the flask…and no more test tubes in offers…pls scop, u can’t keep going like this…except if u like jokin…:fu:

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Yes, that’s what I said… Keep surviving, it appears u don’t know scopes code word system.

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Now they aren’t even offering the tube bags in shop smh. Classic

@JB.Scopely we really need a update on this please.

Not even bags in the shop! Lolol, wtf?!

@Not_chris bought the flask from the shop, but with no test tubes, making him tonight’s biggest loser.

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