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I would argue its only funny to those who jave decap and disarm. one man or woman’s humor is another’s hemorrhoid.


we can keep dreamin of that disarm tho, but its just that…a…dream!


If neither is a disarm or decapitate they will be put on the back burner. … last thing we need is another useless specialist skill


why blame mickey?


pretty much agree with you. with gear shortage being real, the last thing i need is another crowd control type toon(john’s heal reduct), got those.


Are those serious pictures of the toons? More trash to the add to the pile.


It really bothers me that tha card pics they put up don’t have the AR maxed


Diasarm/decap maybe on season 3? Well let’s just hope for the live of the game, with the recent 2.0, *6, it’s getting harder and harder for F2P to compete


If a Disarm or Decap were to make it to Leagues, they would definitely need those special gear pieces.


Execution though. Might go for him. But maggie. With Maya mmmm


Also wish the resolution was better… pretty sure I’ve seen potatoes take better pics than what they show


I think they will be the first 56 AP 6*. Notice at ar lvl 8 its 58


68, not 58


I seriously couldn’t tell because of the poor quality


Doubtful, probably lvl 9 adds something to rush, an effect turn, damage etc.


Wow, my prediction was correct, they really are 2 benedicts.

I’m always right in the long term :wink:


Even if it is that way I’ll be o’right, I just fell bad for f2p, a raid shouldn’t take 4 minutes/time out it takes all the fun, #F2Pneedsomelove




If you honestly can’t see how this is funny, over a mobile game, I’m pretty sure you legitimately have no sense of humor.


Ftp get a free disarm as soon as Disarm resist mods become a thing