:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24


This is a great thread lol. Still waiting to see what’s in store


Crippling slashes on blue made me giggle


I figured the Bruce would be instant recognize. The Joshua a bit less used so most would overlook.


Should be all around line by tomorrow morning.


Joshua was part of my OG anti Erika attack team, severely undervalued character by the masses


Agree. Heal reduction is undervalued.


Wait…i cant pull for them?! Meh. Worhtless, then. :roll_eyes:


Trying to figure out if I would have prefered Dwight and Jesus return. Might have been boring to repeat an event. And it might have been overkill to potentially release another revive. But atleast there’d be an additional set of existing 5* s gone 6* s


I still don’t understand how Vk gets information out before the actual company lol.


Only because scibbly doesn’t like to share info with us. If they did VK would never beat them to the punch.

I also checked VK and they have nothing about this. Only tonights SR crappy rewards.


Share them crappy rewards lol


Total Crap. Trainers for the first 3 would be fine but where is the usual Benedict and Lil/Uly box? Also remember when we used to get all 3 for completion every time? Ah, the good old days.

Notice how they changed the ranks here too. They are the worst.


Lord. Food bags and five star tokens? Five star tokens. Really. Unless those are ultra gear bags! Even better.


Nope, its food. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unbeliavble. Can’t even give us medals for an event they have going on. Smh.


Holy craptastic Batman!
Might not even finish SR looking at these rewards


I agree these rewards suck however in the good old days they didn’t even bother with bags leaving that spot empty.
Nonetheless it’s nice having off days :v:t3:


Give me the trinity ( Benedict, Lilith, and Ulysses ) and they can leave the bottom spot blank. Who need food?


10 basils and 8 bags for final isn’t horrible. Tbh I’d rather 10 basils then 1 benidict. I typically use dupes for ascending so 10 basils more useful


Enough you bastard lol