:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24


He’s a depo toon so he’s free to play for all quit cryin and ■■■■■■■


What is your problem? Someone else managed to correct me below politely. It’s a shame you couldn’t do the same.

No wonder scopely don’t listen to players if they are all as unpleasant as you and unable to express themselves properly.


first 2 stages were walkers only, normal crit farming team gets it done, dude


Alright ty


no problem, dude


John would be great if his rush was faster… should’ve been atleast 76…

Maybe like 50% less damage for 66ap


How many test tubes to complete?


Need a huge lead and ap knife yellow.

He is very use able per the above conditions and with all the revive loops, he will help prevent endless looping.

Meanwhile you will likely kill a toon by burning them with maggie, and wafch the revive loop ensue.

For a playerbase shouting for Decaps, it amazes me they default to Maggie. I’m sure a green lead will come before long.


I dont really see the appeal with maggie other than the double atk weapon. You can argue her focus but kate has atk buff and focus. Firestarter is just a no with the rev loops asnd heal over times no way in hell i see tht burn actually helping. 66ap is cool but most f2p have either andrea,Spence,ty, new threat dwight, and og dwight and league store tara or all of them… what are u gonna do with another hard hitting blue?


What are you gonna do with an 85 AP single target Green?


What 6* option do they have for a huge leader for a green?


Dont really think hes good either, 85 is sluggish even with alice lead he will still be turn 3, executiion is rare and cool but people say it can be blocked by abs def which is stupid should have been decapitate imo would benefit both p2w and ftp (more so f2p since ptw have chris). The ar is lackluster but heal reduction is the closest thing to decapitate as you can get if dont have alpha or chris, the 50 crit to reds and greens is just dumb. The weapon is may be use ful if u have have koa and can’t craft ap down like me😂. But to sum it up i dont see how both spenders and f2p can use either other than just for the weapons they offer but i cant complain at least its new content to take our minds off of all the lvl ups for a few days😂


They don’t yet.

But what are they going to do with maggie?


A whole lot more then with John.
Andrea, Dwight, Maggie a command and tyReese and they can command Maggie turn two for focuse for everyone.


Execution can 100%be blocked by AD which i agree, is horrid. And with Alice lead, Huge AP on weapon and the 20 AP for attack is only 38 AP per round. So 38, then 76, then 114. Would be ready turn 4 or command turn 3


John is just a hot mess. Why does he give crit? Only one toon at 85? And recover bleed? He’s just all over. I do agree that players sleep on heals reduction. It’s great. But I would rather use green Garrett for the two toons instead of John.


Y not both?


Just waiting to see the deal near the end of the event that opens the other side of the roadmap, how much do you think they will charge for it? Guessing 75 bucks myself


You have some successfully mastered Scopely. You may now retire in peace


Anyone confirm if you can get maggie path and ap down ax?