:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24



Totally worth the money…

Alright I’ll admit that was a bit toxic. lol


OH no free shit. Tear

Both will be relevant. Learn to use them.


Maggie by far the better character…

But I’m going for John…to send a message!!!

There testing if they can get lazy with character models and just put out a load of Maggies, Michonnes and Sandys with good ARs and skills…
Or they need to actually make some unique 6*s who haven’t been done yet…it actually means something to have these characters…so much so players will go for/buy shit toons.


These characters make my heart sad…


Only going for maggie for the weapon. Haven’t been successful in my attempts for a double attack weapon. Maggie won’t make any of my teams sadly and will collect dust just like all the irrelevant 6* and 5* toons I and everyone has. If thy were going to basically doing a copy and paste event at least they could have done it with the choose your side Jesus and Dwight toons and make them ascendable as 6* and then make it free to ascend as part of the event. The weapons could be better and still have that as an option as well.


Also it kinda doesn’t matter about free toons when there isn’t enough medals and gear made available to ascend and level them.


How about make the weapons something we can’t craft …


I might just go for John’s staff since it’s just a fancy stick.


I imagine characters are going to hold it real stupid, both hands at the end like a bat, and that’s the only reason I won’t consider it. Like Dwight’s club.


Which is unfortunate since it is the uncommon decision.


I just got him from ascention last night out of a crappy 4* it took me 2 tryies to get him, so yep 100% f2p


What character 4* did you use?


That’s why you don’t ascend all of them, only the ones you will use. Resource management.


Is that for real? You don’t get any gold mods in John’s maps?


They both have niche uses but they’re being released at the same time as other characters with noticeably higher base stats. Who am I going to use my medals and benedicts on…someone like Eric or Donny, or one of these? For me the choice is pretty clear. There is a change in the meta coming and I just think its shitty to give us new toons (including legacy’s like the two I just named) with better combined stats but then release these two and expect people to be excited to choose.

At least it’s not a total cash grab.


The thing that bugs me most is John’s AP…he goes from a 45ap to a 85ap with the same rush stats. Maggie on the other hand goes from a 45ap to a 66ap.

If John was a 66ap I would go for him.

Sadly I will now collect yet another attacking blue toon for my roster that is already over stacked with them.



Yep. I think they dissaprove of the whole dominating the hilltop thing…


I’m told they’re burn mods. Can anyone confirm?


What are the enemies in the harder map? Walkers or boosted stat people?