:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24


doesnt matter what you choose :slight_smile: after decision always two roadmaps unlocks and you need to choose again.Always check roadmaps rewards.


Thank you :grin::+1:



is this 30 ap reduction?






So basically this event boils down to an AP down green weapon or a Double Attack blue. Tough choice


My thoughts exactly


4 double attack here
My choice were pretty easy


I like Maggie but I always failed having AP down weapon for my def… Struggle is real :smiley:


Already have 2 of each. Probably comes down to the toon for me.
I still think Maggie is better. :thinking:


John gives crit
Maggie gives focus


Wait so the second Maggie roadmap has gold mods and John’s second ones are this shite



The easier option lol


Pick your side : John

When it comes to choosing your weapon is it a fairly obvious which weapon you’re going for? a faction mate seems to have ended up with the wrong weapon?


Yes, he’s obviously drunk, blind or an idiot (no offence lol)



I’ve just seen a ss of the weapon choice maps - he’s just admitted he’s blind lol


@JB.Scopely I think you guys have missed the mark again with this event. Neither character is going to be relevant in this few weeks, as gen 2 stats become more and more prevalent. Would it be possible to get their stats bumped a little?

Also…a little uniqueness and creativity would go a long way with the weapon choices here. As it stands, the choices are very clean cut. All 4 choices should have had specials. As an example of what I mean by uniqueness, you guys could have made the green axe have double attack and the blue gun have AP down when defending. A simple swap would have made it a bit more interesting and I probably would have chosen John for that axe alone! Too late now…but please take it to the team (lol) that we would like a little more thought put into events with “unique” rewards. This pales in comparison to Dwight vs Jesus


I agree with all of this what a let down … @JB.Scopely the devs have no vision it’s complete copy paste mediocre events and rewards but hey sales are good . These whales though :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: