:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24


Still don’t see stats on Maggie


she is already in museum

1999 ATK
1205 DEF
1709 HP


Someone posted them 3 messages before your last reply. Scroll up :slight_smile:


Maggie’s stats look better to me overall…but I like the crit buff John has. So for me, it’s all gonna be about the choice of weapon as they are not tied to the toon.


You need to choose which weapon you want :slight_smile:


that was fast, thanks.
someone post the green one.


given john kinda blows chunks, i hope no one does? lol


Thanks for showing maggies weapons, n yes someone plz show Johns choices


Double attack all day long :joy:


:blush: maggie


why would anyone NOT choose double attack, lol




double tap is the choice for me


Aaa choose a side which weapon will you go for should have been the question?? Both 6 star versions are not of the new meta scopleyyyyy you fecked up again on purpose rolled my eyes so hard I fell over fs.


Will we have a chance to earn more test tubes along the way @JB.Scopely or is this a p2p thing in the end ? Sincere question



Double attack all day. Shame there’s no impair on attack though.



Thanks !! :pray:


Does anyone know which weapons are available if we pick John ?


Which do u choose if u want the assault rifle?