:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24


I’ve never seen that 6* effort in my supply depot.


He’s defo there - I’ve had him twice in the last 2 or 3 weeks


Never seen is one thing, not available is another.

I found out they put him in training ground as well, altough from there you need a miracle.


I keep getting the wanderer.


He will turn up but like everything in this game, even the supply depot is RNG based


@JB.Scopely can you double check if Maggie and John stats is correctly done, because they don’t go along with the new generation of 6* that we started to get since Camila


Maggie’s AR… dealt some damage to an enemy. Not even killing him and not even granting other teammates any buffs.


I didn’t really process till now how short it is. These things are usually like 30+ days. Might mean less room to slack off but I like it. Hopefully these means no roadmaps with time walls.


Maggie looks workable


I can’t imagine they would just give it away but… no I’m crazy to even suggest what it seems… I swear John is holding the sturdy axe in the roadmap ad. The absolute defense one.

Has to be purely an art choice. I couldn’t imagine.


So whats the likelihood of being able to complete this with a lower lvl team? Love it hows all these giveaways are aimed at high lvl players whonreally dont need them


Sooooo what are Maggie’s definite stats ?? Anyone know ? Thanks


Does anyone have the final choice screen?


already out of tubes and only way to get them is coins or cash atm. lol, tried a raid and no drop


Both very average toons.
Not what we needed right now tbh.
And Will join the queue of toons that will probably never get ascended. :-1::-1:


there was something about lvl up milestones.

the info says about weapons specially crafted for them. they look a bit different. i guess ill wait when someone gets them before i choose.


Out of tubes … pay to play ???


They’re live in game now.


Wished they would show weapons soon, might help my decision


Never get ascended in your situation?