:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24




Lol. You dont know how wrong you are, homie.


Aren’t these the sane Maggie and John from last events?




John is 85 AP and maggie is 66 probably


maybe the weapons will be usefull… guess that will influence the decision which side to choose


I like the event format but the toons are pretty underwhelming. Last cys event jesus and dwight were at least relevant.

I think i will chose john because he looks like a benedict :slight_smile:


this is an interesting sight…


maggie looking op af! lol


Didn’t vote bc I haven’t seen their full player cards yet and I’m not sure what their “special weapons” look like. But they’re both kind of blah for me 🤷

Others may need them but I don’t need anymore :tough: & :strong: toons. Have too many as it is lol.

It’s cool their doing the pick “your side” event again. But… honestly I know I might be alone on this but I think we could really use another gear event, I have plenty of ascendables for lil while. But not gear. Literally rn 90% of my 6* roster are stuck at t3.
Would have much rather had a Real Gear Event with absolutely No RNG BS, like the old ones. Bc this last one sucked for me! I ended up with 4 canteens and Zero GPS. But that’s just mho.


both toons seems underwhelming and not relevant at all to current meta feels like world energy sink.


Wow, two mediocre characters.

I think Scopley forgot the reason the last “pick your side” event was so good was that both characters were pretty damn good for most players




that’s why i had a hard time to pick and they even sold collection item for people who wants both but this time it is a whole different story.


Wasnt actually wandy who started it


SO far im going to pick up John. Only for profile picture purposes, as he sucks. I wouldnt expect much different from tbd maggie


Eric is not f2p when the p2p players hog the top 150 spots in most tourneys.

Just cos you don’t have to pay upfront does not make a toon f2p.


Eric is available in supply depot and from ascension tower from 4*. You can define him 100% f2p toon


Hmmmmm not sure about Maggie


He is in the depot so that’s pretty much FTP !!