:strong: :roadmap: :tough: Pick Your Path Roadmap Event 1/10 - 1/24

  • Maggie
  • John

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Which journey will you take?

Begins 1/10 8:00 UTC
Ends 1/24 8:00 UTC


Hmm what is this?

But I want John.


Yea what’s it to ya lol


You got beef with maggie.


Roadmap I’ll go with skip.


Alot of Maggie’s out there. Few urinals.


Choose your side event, were you guys here for the first one?


Yeah, loved it. Dwight >>>> Jesus.

Just haven’t seen details yet of this illegid roadmap. Tell us tell us.


Ohhh John then I remember the first was a great event got my first 5* Dwight from it.


This sooo sooo much Dwight was a beast.


:strong: John

:tough: Maggie

Museum collections


We being trolled. Scopely don’t speak in UTC time. Lol.

@MICK_DEAD_END do you have cards?
Or Do I have to waiting on vk updates.


How about none? All F2P toons recently have been bad to slightly good lol


Um… Eric?


Lol honestly expected a whole different response lol but yeah…is this said roadmap real or are we being trolled


OMG Green John pic popped up briefly in my ascension tower when William came out and I thought I was seeing things



7 chars


Depends if it’s the old Maggie. Plus I have no idea who this John is so I can’t really choose.


I’m secretly hoping we are being trolled but I have no reason to think mickey would do that to us. I’m the forum troll not him.


Eric is okay I guess, doesn’t really stand out as something as good as a premier toon though, he’ll be soon outclassed like any F2P toon