Pick Your Path: New Roadmap Event!


You obvisoly aren’t playing twdrts if you think executions going to work good currently :joy:


Honestly Maggie is trashtoo so I mean there is that … they couldn’t even boost the stats :joy:


One man’s Maggie is another man’s John.


Consider having John rush, then commanding him to execute. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah and then the toons getting revived :joy::joy::joy:


Look he’s obviously he’s got a bromance for John and that’s cool as who are we to judge? It’s also obvious from the poll numbers that 4 out of 5 players prefer Maggie and I concur with that consensus as well.

Why would anyone pick a single two turn temp decap over a two-turn focus to all especially in this meta is beyond me. But hey that’s the beauty about a choose your own side event. Choose the toon that floats your boat. Bottom line we need more of these in the future.

I know I just want to see how many tubes were gonna get for each level up and will it be possible to complete it for free or will we have to make a few purchases from the store. Because that box for 475 coins is pure trash. I always hate the amount of ambiguity they include with every event.


That being said both toons are trash and nowhere near what anyone wants or needs


Eh while they should have gen 2 stats Maggie is pretty decent for your f2p or small spender. Mainly because of that focus to all blues. Maggie will play nice with Andrea and two Ty’s. Beats using Kate in that instance for sure. Plus I could use an extra double attack weapon because Earl’s a d-bag and the less I have to deal with him the better.

I’m more concerned with just how f2p this event really is since from the word go they have tubes for sale. I mean why don’t they just sell stuff to unlock all the roadmaps as well and skip the whole chose your side pretext for the people willing to give them what they want the most. Cash.


Not sure if it’s been ask but, can I get both weapons and only get one toon?, or both toons?, or is it just one path with toon and weapon? On my ideal situation I would get both weapons and Maggie. Thanks in advance :sweat_smile:


Maggie has a faster rush and gives focus to all blue/yellow for 2 turns. That’s enough for me to pick her over John. With all the hard hitting blues out there, being able to ignore shields and hit the revives behind them directly will help a lot.

That said, I’ve already been using Kate regularly, and I don’t think this Maggie will quite replace her. Slower rush with no attack buff. Kind of crazy that there still aren’t any 6 stars, paid or otherwise, that can replace her.


I’d say Alice is a solid replacement if you can beat scopes odds on pulls


Hmm yeah that’a true. Her rush is slower but otherwise everything it does is equivalent or better. (My ranged teams are kinda terrible though, so I feel like she would go to waste on me. Haven’t even attempted to get her.)


Went with john basically because of his weapon and gonna mod it for koa plus im lacking greens…already have andrea,dwight,ty,spencer, what use can we get from another hard hitting blue.


test tubes are only through purchase ?!


If you’d only read it…


This image is floating around at the moment. Very conflicting information.


Yeah but that’s support though. As if they know sh*t about this game


It is actually correct. If you want to complete all Maps you have to buy the test tubes :joy:

Or wait for the milestones


I said take the hard way,but unlocked the easy way instead by accident;/


I went of ability names because there both just as useless and I picked Maggie because of her boom roasted ability name