Pick Your Path: New Roadmap Event!


John and the Saviors are back and up to their old tricks, but Maggie and the HIlltop residents won’t give up their freedom that easily.

You can choose the path of domination, or the path of freedom, but you WILL have to choose. You can’t stay neutral in this fight. Gaining an ally also gains you an enemy.

Pick Your Path lets you play through a brand new story in the Walking Dead world, either through the eyes of John and the Saviors or Maggie and the Hilltop residents as they struggle for both power and survival.

Depending on which path you choose, completing the story will earn you either a brand new Ascendable Maggie or Ascendable John, PLUS a choice of weapon specially made for each!

This brand new event allows you to choose between multiple possible story paths. Choose your side, your approach (easy or hard) and what weapon you’d like to take along.

Things you should know:

  • The roadmaps are all connected. You’ll have to complete the one before it in order to gain access, even with a key.
  • Rewards differ based on the path you choose. Including surprise reward drops on each of the weapon roadmaps!
  • The first map will require World Energy and the subsequent maps will require special energy. Players will be rewarded some by completing the first roadmap, it will also be available in Level Up Milestones until 1/18/19.
  • Story Sunday will be suspended during this event ( real estate constraints)
  • Recruit Roadmaps, when available, will be located in the Daily Roadmaps section of the map.
  • Event runs from 1/10/19 12AM PST to 1/24/19 12AM PST


  • John
  • Maggie

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Dang, odd man out lol


They’re both garbage, but Maggie slightly less so.


He ain’t good chief


Execution is underrated and rare.


Doesn’t mean he’s good.


Neither of these tooms make a difference and neither or them will be immediately impactful. My roster could just use more attacking greens and it does attacking blues. Personal preference


Have too many ranged offense based chars. I remembered that green 3* negan with execution. Chose John. Choice doesn’t really matter since they’re both meh.


Few characters are good on their own. With the right setup, many become more than usable. John has plenty of potential. Both have merits, but their place on one’s roster, as well as future viability need to be considered.

Subjectively, I view burn/bleed as “meh” but execution can be “guaranteed” damage, in the same sense as maim, with which it may or may not work.


But execution is so old now with so many revives out there. Decap was what they literally introduced because execution had become redundant…


What could of been an amazing event turned out to be yet another let down …


Execution is crap in this meta. You want the killing blow to be a decap.

How much better would this event have been if they were disarm and decap toons? Something everyone could really use right about now.


Old or not, execution is equivalent to guaranteed. When raiding, guarantees are the gold standard.


There’s plenty of situations in which that isn’t necessary. Impair and taunt are still things.


Execution isn’t gonna do you much good if the toon keeps getting revived over and over :joy::joy:


By itself, of course. It’s how this works in tandem with team comp that makes it valuable.

Also, is burn damage any different at that point?


Do You even play this game Noah


Game of Forums?