Pick your path lies

If a stage says large mobs that usually means Zombies so if I use my full high Crit team I expect to face Zombies not stage sof damn humans. Why lie at the mission start screen? I officially cannot complete the event now due to lack of test tubes as I expected walkers and instead got ridiculously OP humans in their place?
This is honestly disgusting $copely, I want my test tubes back for the two levels I failed this way because the stats screen LIES


oh FFS, here we go with the daily whining…


Legitimate complaint, the mission screen does lie? It says you’ll be going against walkers then throws Human stages at you? They can’t lie like that as Crit heavy teams generally aren’t as good against Human teams? So you’re going to end up losing? It’s just a ploy for them to sell test tubes


I guess you missed the nice warning thread already here on the forums? :slightly_frowning_face:


I have to admit, it did throw me off slightly. However I just brought my strongest team to clear it, didnt wanna take a chance at all.


I didn’t even take the AR path, I took the rifle path and it’s the exact same thing except it turns into Humans from Stage 2 onwards, not stage 3


7 chars


I was deceived too. Managed to beat the stage tho.

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How dare you have a legitimate compliant! You should just give your money to scopely and buy 30 test tubes! Lol so many brown nosers defending this bs sad excuse of a “video game”

But honestly sorry for that, might be able to finish tho tbh if only 2 stages needed? We will have another level up to get tubes


surprise :cocktail: :partying_face: :tada: :confetti_ball:

you all need to get a grip, there’s plenty of time to complete it. test tubes are dead easy to get from level ups, ok you didnt complete this stage so just wait a couple more days and get more tubes and do it then. at least it’s not a roadmap that everyone can auto without even looking at it.

It’s not the end of the world!

and @How2Zombies if it is a “bs sad excuse of a “video game” for you then i can’t comprehend why you are still playing it. I don’t mean it in a nasty way but you are clearly unhappy with this game, developers etc. If that;s the case then just move on to another game or spend your time doing other things.

Can be both can be autoed with right them if told you right thing on the area…

yes you can, my point is ok they fucked up but it’s a minor fuck up and we can all just move on rather than ranting here.

Or get it fixed so ppl dont post about it more? be real here

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they could but they messed up and it’s so minor that most reasonable people will just move on. Most have done it anyway and just completed the mission

guess what, another SLUT has just started

test tubes will be as milestones for two more days, so not much.

ypu say as it is not planned. if its well planned its not a fuk up…


Guess i wasted 400 from that level up so that is bit ponitless mate.

you guys are getting to wound up about little things

no wonder Scopely continues to put out half-ass content because there are and will still be people who think it’s ok to let it slide.