Pick your path joke?

Soooo, this…is this a joke? And has anyone fallen for it? Lol


The boxes have chances for keys not test tubes. Pretty useless at 1 percent chance for collection item.


Well, I would say this was a huge let down over the original one with Jebus and Dwight. They basically made the one you didn’t pick up for sale a few days right into the “event”. Followed straight up at the end with a paid option of $75 if you wanted one without having to run the roadmaps.

Lame but expected.


If your going to push an event SOOOO HARD, why not make the characters worthwhile?? I cannot imagine someone paying 75 for either of these characters.


I mean the original had literally the same thing, you could get an additional comic book at the end via a store purchase and trade the comic book for the remaining character. I think this event was pretty cool, just less so because it didn’t have all the cool new collectible unique low tier toons That the original had, didn’t have as in depth of a road map plot, and there was no need to go through the trouble of acquiring ascendance resources and six star gear to make your reward useful.

I picked Maggie and funny thing… i only got the offer to buy Maggie for $75… What? Lol @JB.Scopely bruh… :rofl:

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