Pick Your Path Guide

Basic guide for pick your path including the possible weapon rewards based on which character you choose to help. Rewards are based on the difficulty of which selectable roadmap you choose with gold mods, double attack rifle and ap down axe all available based on your choices.

Who are you choosing?

  • Hilltop (Maggie)
  • Saviours (John)

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I gather some people might make their choice based purely on the weapons available as well


He’s pretty horrible

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I was going John til I looked at him.

Red Ezekiel has recover bleed. It was a waste of a special to put that on John too. Ruined it for me.

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It’s worse as well

My choice is because Maggie is love Maggie is life.


I chose Maggie because she’s a good looking woma… err… I mean because she’s a pretty good character with fire starter.


i only chose john for wep

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Maggie is weak KILL HER.:laughing:

John did nothing wrong (reference)

Maggie cause I’ve got far to many reds and greens so thought I’d change it up