Pick Your Path Event Video - What You Need To Do To Complete It

Pick Your Path Event is here and I will go over what you need to do to complete it. I will be covering the linear progression of the roadmap event, weapon choices and which path gives you them, Maggie and John quick overview, decapitate and disarm theory, Maggie and John stats in comparison to the send generation survivors and my take on all of this as a whole.


  • Maggie Easy Mode
  • Maggie Hard Mode
  • John Easy Mode
  • John Hard Mode

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Have double atk and ap down. I don’t see either toon being useful. It’s 100% that I think John’s axe looks more bad azz than Maggie’s gun. Lol

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Good video @Trollypolly! I’ve been up in the air on which toon to go with, but have been leaning more toward Maggie. You provided valid points for both toons and nearly succeeded in convincing me to go with John. In the end, Maggie’s quicker AR and focus to :tough: and :fast: is the deciding factor for me. In recent pulls I managed to acquire Romanov and Marlon and Rosie, which all 3 will help on my f2p attack lineup … I HOPE!


They probably started designing this event prior to release of second Gen 6*s. Not making an excused but at design time the toons were right on par, maybe a touch above. Sheer oversight to not go back and give them a little bump.

What I hate about execution and most need to be aware of his the absolute defense blocks it, which is absolute bull shit to me. A craftable, moveable item, blocking a characters built in mechanic skill. That’s horrible to me. I understand the fact Tenacity blocks it, but that is a skill vs a skill


I think you have a good setup with those 3 tbh. I love Romanov and Marlon is a nice pickup for extended battles.

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But the point is I don’t know which way should pick to the hard mode

Left or right? I mean I am pretty confuse

I don’t have that page no more so mainly for my teammates

Yet from the video hard mode is below yet by the game the one above need S7 the one below need S6 with skull thou

Very confused I wanna go hard mode.

Very noice and extremely helpful video.