Pick your fighter

This is what free to play players are given. Comparing these to promo toons, we should all point at Scopley and laugh


dont diss earl sutton. he is really good


I’m drooling at this buffet of goodness, can’t wait to get merked by the balanced P2P toons!


He’s garbage compared to promotional toons, let’s be honest here.


i use him in my anti negan team with good results

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Can you really complain about a free disarm?

Also, Earl is more of a support toon and you’re comparing him with pure attack toons. That’s kind of funny imo. Not pointing at you though, just laughing.


All toons that aren’t promo are garbage compared to promotional toons, let’s be honest here.


Yeah that statement is pretty incorrect

Your whole topic is incorrect since you’re trying to compare toons with completely different uses in the same group together.

Might as well compare a healer like Eric with an attacker like blue Tye since they’re f2p and similar.

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Are you not pleased with the Keemstar promo characters?!?!

the only thing I compared was free to play toons and promotional toons, when did I ever compare Earl to the other characters? I equally find all 3 of them trash lmao.


How is green Bruce better than Earl?

How is disarm Louis better?

You got it bud, they’re not. But you listed Earl in your top 3 trashy toons.

Why would anyone argue that free toons are better than paid toons or that they should be?

The fact that he can hold stun on attack is all thats needed to be said.

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He’s not garbage compared to other disarms, let’s be honest here

Earl can hit 6 times with one AR. If you need stun on a weapon to rely on winning a match, good luck to you.

Let’s compare these poopy toons to Michelle Sandy Rick Eric, its 10 steps back and all the while that gap is to far away now, we are fcuked


Thats great … With out impair on attack i dont find that useful.

But im not disagreeing with your overall point. If you don’t have a disarm … Then earl could never suck.

He can but he doesn’t :hugs:

Most likely :rofl: