Pick a Shield: William or Koa?

6* William has been released as the second Strong traited shield. We already have Koa so that begs the question…

Who is the better shield?

  • William
  • Koa

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Personally I feel William would have been better with a different specialist skill and HS seems like an addition to make the character seem more appealing.

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Really just a wash here. Koa offers more. Flexibility as not a fixed weapon. William active is better but he would need to be alive after turn 3 to use it.

If running a sheild on offense William would outperform Koa imo. But you have better options available to you.


Koa is better. That weapon is just a rush builder. I would change if I pulled for William.

William behind Garrett. Would be interesting. Have his ar go off … but yeah not sure. Meh

Does anyone else see Al Bundy when they look at this card? Sad, depressed, wasted life face.

lol, nope Scopley, gonna keep my coins and keep surviving without him. Thank you for not interesting me this week!!

I like him way better than koa. If you don’t have a disarm, he might be tough bc he could heal himself after every attack.

Who doesn’t run a disarm on attack?

Probably 90%+ of the playerbase


I must be in the wrong region. I can’t Remeber the last time I was attacked without a disarm. Lol

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How does that have anything to do with everyone else?

Lol Becuase everyone else are the ones attacking me.

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There’s a lot of whales in my region and only 2 out of the last 20 raids against me had a disarm…

So are you trying to say that most people who play this game have a disarm?

William’s weapon skill isn’t all that - as people have said it will just build AR. Bound weapon could be tough to get AP down.

[Edit: ignore what I said about active skill, thought it was the standard stun to one for two turns]

Seems to be in my region. Sorry to bother you keep on surviving.

No “whale” has less than 3 disarms

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Can someone explain to me how they would go about giving william an absolute defense weapon?

U can’t another reason to go for koa

With you 5 disarm it wouldn’t matter if it did.