Petrapool's armory specials cheat sheet


Hi all! New forum so I thought id put this here for those that need it. For those that like pics…

Weapon creation (arsenal)

thats nice to have around i have mine saved in my google drive aswell and use it to double check sometimes even i know what to do.


Petra ur epic but it’s inaccessible


Upload pics pls. We like pics :crazy_face:


As alwAys powers to the ppl


Have a like @Petrapool - I’ve been sharing this for months with no clue it was you who had written it all up
Thanks :slight_smile:


This has been a great help to me. Thank you.


Thank you a ton for creating this. I have used it a lot in the past so very much appreciated.


@Petrapool would you mind if we pinned this along with the other spreadsheets for Ascension?

Thanks again for your work.


Been using this ever since petrapool made the first one! Thanks alot:)


Thank you for the updated cheat sheet @Petrapool


Sure thing


@Petrapool I made a light version of your sheets few months ago, focused on lvl 3 crit. I hope there isn’t any mistake in it :crossed_fingers:t2: .
Your work was really helpful !


@Asgard Came expecting spreadsheet in French, leaving disappointed


who said French can’t speak English ?!? … everyone…… d’accord


I know I taught you the word “defeat” before you joined dead end :joy: