Petition to raid scopleys drug dealer

Due to the absolute lol of zhu having all his stats increased by 3 I think its time we get in on some that because holy crud would that make for a good sesh I could only imagine my stoner mates looking frozen in time
So Lets raid thier drug dealer and get high
Here’s the plan
We arm our sleeves with stop signs
And walk into scopes hq
Ask for info on the drug dealer
Find drug dealer
Raid him
We won’t have to worry bout jail becuz scopes commiefornia so police would be firing one bullet then having disassemble the gun to reload lol



Can we stop at Area 51 on the way

That’s not how it works out here but ok lol feel free to try

I had a stroke reading this


Hint for finding drug dealers (intel mainly from the Wire): they tend to hang around on street corners.

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