Petition for war

please Scopely @kalishane make war in 6x6 format in 8x8 format and complicated to close the war group at some times. who agrees give a like


thx but no thx - 6vs6 is only good for blitz on weekdays imo


We need weekdays blitz war too, like fuck that level up event only in weekdays…

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No 6v6 is a disaster for some factions not enough room for every1

8 vs 8 is better. 6 vs 6 means wasting energy, because you often need to burn a can for a couple of hits.


And, they’re not going to change it without good reason this close to start time

Has to be at least 8v8 for our faction to prevent infighting. We’re a top faction.

I prefer 6v6 for dying regions and for the people that is beating “it’s a holiday drum”.

Id prefer if 6v6 gets replaced by 10v10. Let everyone join in

Click join faster.

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I always thought it would be great to have an auto-fill function. That way even the least active factions can get some wars in.


8x8 is great for top 3 factions the other 200+ Factions 6x6 is better

And I feel you are not top three but you queue fills up all the time and you are always wearing then you ain’t that good.

6x6 is better for the majority especially in recent time, nearly our entire top faction in our region has left, my faction lost 4 members yesterday, a year ago I’d say yes 8x8.

But now sadly 8x8 mean waiting to fill up for maybe 2-3 hours and this is a top 10 faction too .


Meet in the middle. 7vs7

6v6 and hour long wars are a joke.
This game is getting killed…

I’d just like to reduce the wait time for the war to actually start after matching with another faction.

It’s so boring. 16 people wait to get in the list. :, )

That’s the path to infighting.

lol, problem solved

Yes this please this and could play as an ai

but doesnt repair or use refills

And all points go towards faction, no individual bonus,

I love this idea