Petition for S class Jed!

I think we can all agree that an updated Jed is LONG overdue, so all those in favour say aye…



I’m with it, as long as he is ftp lol. Right before Gabriel came out I swear I suggested him to scopely. I said he was a pretty important character and only has a 2* version. I suggested a ftp grind collection to get him but that didnt happen. Coincidentally I ended up pulling him on a 10 pull lol.


Not a Bad Idea. I sign this petion after there is a S-Class Allen and a S-Class Ger- Clarence, Yes Clarence. He could be counted as a Secondary Story Mode Antagonist as often as he appears as a Enemy Group Leader.

s class man boobs


Defo… best sugguestion ever.

Axel all the way

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aye. he would be unstoppable a

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