Petition for faction level up before war


Let’s give scopely a chance to show they listen to the masses who have been outraged by this weekends events and rewards.
Join me in asking that the solo level up on the schedule this week be changed to a faction.
If someone could create a poll on it that would be good or just all post if u agree!


What do you want next Week ??

  • Solo level-up
  • Faction level-up

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I just really want to never see this ridiculous 2M milestone again…


Milestones are horrible and prizes are just as bad! What does it take to get some damn beanies in this game. I have over 50 toons stuck at lvl 2 & 3 because I can’t get any beanies. Every elite item pull is a damn trainer!


Should know by now scopely doesn’t care, doesn’t plan, doesn’t know their own game. They said something will be done about cheaters, they did not lie about this they fixed it so the only people who can reach the new milestones in the aweful tourney are the fore mentions cheaters.

Wake up scopely. Fix your game whilst at least 1/2 of my region remain.

Since your players first dedication waffle of a lie soeach came out litterely over half my region has left.

Remeber we play this game for pleasure nothing else take that away and you are left with no players.

Scopely it is also important to not there are not an infinite number of new players.

You have a small niche of gamers who like this genre, And twd fans in fact a rather small target audience don’t, mess about with it before you make yourselves jobless.

In short please listen to your players.


Atrocious milestones and sub par rewards have given a faction vacation since we had two weeks of war (2x24 hr blitzes, region, and crw). As much as I enjoy the low pace, i literally have so little to do I am completing the story mode, grinding raid tokens, and levelling 5 stars i had neglected for a while to stay semi-competitive. Raids are natural E only and Im not pressing my fac to go wild. even if they fail to hit the low bar mins, as long as they ahowed up i dont care.

That alone should worry Scopely, the increasing Apathy in the player base.

Edit: This is a summary of the weekend and not exclusive to the topic at hand, but 2 million for 1\12 of a t4 is absolutely a shameful ploy. No Lucille tokens for the new 6 week event? come on.


Milestones should never be over 250k


I am annoyed at the fact that hours before it was changed to solo level up on the calendar [yes I am aware they are subject to change] I started you got lucky with toons that I want to use in war. It’s not like I can’t live without these toons but it’d be nice if they weren’t stuck there. It would have been nice to have a little more advance if they are gonna change the calendar. So maybe a consideration for the future @kalishane where possible.

I also think that it was for some reason a calculated move by scopely as they saw how unhappy the solo made people and yet they still announced another one for later in the week.

If they did decide to change the one later in the week to a faction level up I think it would make a lot of people happy. Just my opinions though.


I agree. One whetstone for 2.5 mill is ridiculous. Especially when you need so many to upgrade.
I think high milestones are fine as long as they keep them consistent and worth going for. For example when they have done 1 mil for an epic or 10k 5* tokens. That’s fair enough plenty of people will be willig to go for that and will be happy with it.

The inconsistency of the milestones is what gets me. 1 mil for an epic or 10k 5* tokens previously but now 1.25mil for a radio and some elite tokens… the effort put in to reach a mil is always gonna be the same so shouldn’t the value of the reward be the same?