Petes weapon advice

should i go with ap on attk or ap on def?

any advice welcome!

Depends if using him for attack, defence or both.
If attack or both, I’d say Ap on attack as it’ll benefit you more and successful attacks gain you far more in the game than successful defences.

Ap on attack sounds better, throw in a command in there as well

thanks for the advice!

how about his wpn special? keep it or try for stun?

Stun for sure now with disarm resist mod

Stun resists also exist, and are widely used. :woman_shrugging:

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But if they arent they screwed as most attack teams havent used them with disarm making it a waste most of time

Yeah i prefer taunt resist on my att. Stun resist for def. This disarm resist mod gonna screw everything. On topic, I put stun on his weapon, the bonus hp special is a bit disappointing

thanx for the input, i think i will go for stun too :slight_smile:

Too many ‘they’ and ‘it’, no idea who’s screwed or what most attack teams haven’t used.

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