Pete's t1 gear!

I am very close to getting Pete. I’m going to try to start obtaining gear for him and was wondering if anyone had the gear for the t1-t2 upgrad

T2 = 2x stuff needed for red 6star
T3 & T4 = 5x stuff needed

I do know this but I don’t have any t1 6 stars that are red.

8 journals, 8 police shields, 2 walkie talkies and 2 school bags

Thank you!

Still in Houston, dragoon? :slight_smile:

Yeah been hanging in AM for a while now. Almost have two priyas and Pete now. How are things going for you buddy? New region working well for u?

Yeah. It’s alot better than Houston. I too already have Pete and on my way for my first Hengyen. I want him before any other toons. :slight_smile:

Nice! I’ll have Pete here this week and I’ll get s class Priya number 2 here soon. That combo with a command is going to be killer! Not bad for f2p lol

Having a few characters from the velvet thing has made it possible. War also really helps. With this group in am we’ve been finishing top 5 every war.

Nice!!! Congrats! :smiley:

You must devote your life to the game for how you get so far being f2p lol

Naaaaah. He’s just in a faction that dominates the region so gets all the prizes. And by dominates the region I mean they held on to 5 out of 6 territories during an event. So you could see how. :slight_smile:

He isn’t wrong. I hold my own in the events but if I wasn’t in am I prolly wouldn’t be playing anymore. There would be no way I would’ve made it this far.

I never said you didn’t, buddy! I only said the faction contributes a whole lot! Especially because the best collectibles rewards were given by faction events: CRW, Territories event and Onslaught. :slight_smile:

Y’all doing better in war yet? And other faction events?

Yup! Got my all time highest score some time back. 340k, or something like that. :smiley:

That’s amazing! I hope y’all keep it up. My biggest issue in rejects was activity. I really hope y’all continue to grow! We’re struggling in war right now. We pulled blount and everyone in it lol. Moving up tho!

We are… We actually merged with some other active faction and right now, 6v6 is kicking our a$$es… Too many actives, too few spots. First war we were 9/6 in 3 seconds… :expressionless:

It is what it is. That’s a good problem to have there. So hopefully it’ll keep up. Maybe we’ll come across you sometime in war!