Petes roadmap, wtf

How do u even beat this shit

You don’t need Erika and Pete as leaders. Try adding an attack leader since Pete gives plenty of defense.

Withtout an attack leader for sure you can’t beat it

Scopely is sadistic I like it. But ur right hahaha.

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Your team need more atk power

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Like who

Just judging from your toons, blue Andrea if you have her. Or blue Dwight.

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Hard to tell without seeing your roster, but maybe Andrea since you have a bunch of ranged guys.

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make a heavy bleed team. ez money

Blue negan is really nice on these maps, if you have him and is usable. Seen some of my faction mates successfully use albino Shiva also.

Also, Not trying to be a jerk but it seems like your on act 1. Act 2 you don’t get to use Pete and it’s way harder. I would just skip it. Not worth the hassle.

I completed every single stage, but that one lmao even the act 2 its the last stage from act 1

Oh. Funny. Act 2 was much harder haha. I think you can do it with Dwight or Andrea lead :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the Pete map, but a heavy bleed team waded through that Whisperer’s map without much resistance.

Heal Reduction
Charlie is amazing
Michelle is amazing

You need a lot of control - impair, stun, taunt. Wipe Zach first because if his clear all rush, control Doc then wipe him too. Guardian can be useful against heavy maim or bring a clear all toon too like McKenzie, Zach, or Gabriel if those are options.

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