Pete revive doesn't work

Title says it all, last few weeks I’ve happened to notice Pete running AR and no one reviving. The shields come up, so I know it happened. Haven’t been able to capture a vid, but maybe someone else has had this happen?

Aside from the enemy being decapped. Perhaps they’re 100% heal reduced?


I haven’t observed any lack of revival in any of my duels (neither on my nor opponent’s side), except when decapitation or 100% healing reduction obviously prevents it.

Other option is Outlast - if the toon was killed and outlast activated, he will remain active the next turn and can be revived only after he fully died…

They used crosshear ?

I would noticed the head laying on the ground if they were decapped (except for those toons in the back, they can’t be hard to see)

I’m hearing that 100% heal reduc on a downed toon will prevent revive? I did not know this. How do you have a status if you are knocked out lol

Both decap and heal reduction are statuses that apply to a downed toon. Decap is permanent; heal reduction is temporary, but both do similar things.


Got it, I follow. I’ll check for heal reduc when I next see this behavio

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Well, the pile of blood on the ground will have a heal reduction status icon, so apparently you CAN have a status if knocked out/dead. It is how the game mechanics work.

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