Pete randomly gets focus

Why does Pete just randomly get focus so he can heal and revive when he’s been taunted or confused? This happens on the enemy’s team constantly and I just noticed my own Pete will have focus randomly, even with no focus toons or weapons on my team.

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oh hell no not another one of these threads, he has a FOCUS STUN weapon


What team are you using where you find your own Pete has focus?

Não só o peter como também kapoor… bug? Print de um vídeo… nesse caso aí nenhum ps concede foco pra outro.

Do nada ele ganha foco

You have to take a look on their weapons. Most certainly one or more characters have a gun which applies focus when being attacked.

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There is likely a focus stun gun on Pete in the last picture, evidence by Trader being stunned and Pete gaining focus

Issue I’m having atm is Trader clearing infection, without cleanse heal reduction mods etc unless I’m missing something of course😔

Any of the dead teammates had a fast heal weapon?

Wanfa,s heal reduction, takes care of that, it happen at least 20 times in Crw, I kept checking for heal weapons mods etc but if Trader took the heal reduction that should be it🤷🏼‍♂️

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This is why video is so important. We can’t tell from the screenshot if the heal reduction stuck or not.

Having same issues with multiple toons now as well. Asked an employee of Scopely to recommend a game recorder that doesn’t use alot of storage but no response.

Checked weapons before and after even seen the taunt fade out then fade back on certain toons.

But you need a video u need a video, so aint gonna bother. If a company can’t even respond to with customers I aint gonna bother to help them fix a bug.

A simple recommendation from an actual employee of a recording app etc and acknowledgement would go a long way but nada.

Guess you have to be a whale and part of the elite crowd to actually get any engagement.

I know it’s ok if no one else is having the problem it’s probably me🤗

There’s a few reason why Pete can rush while taunted.

  1. focus stun weapon
  2. cleanse weapon
  3. focus/cleanse from teammates
  4. resist mods
  5. multiple taunts being used, which can override the original taunt.
  6. character that is taunting dies

Video, regardless of whale or not, helps determine if a different situation from what mentioned above happened. As of now, no one has been able to provide solid, undeniable evidence that the bug does exist. Given that many players don’t know his focus/taunt mechanic works, the assumption is that it is human error.


I know I am not a scope Employee but I can tell you that anything you record video on is going to take up storage. The best way to do it would be to get an app that easily upload directly to something like dropbox or Google Drive if you’re on android. If you were on iPhone screen recording is built in and you can upload directly to your iCloud.

Just asked my son what he uses on his android phone and he said something called a ZED I believe? He yelled back at me it’s free just has a lot of ads.

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Already assessed all of those for months. Contrary to belief, not all customers are dunces as many it appears seem to think so here and Scopely.

As I mentioned before. I asked an Scopely employee for actual video recording app that has low storage about a month ago with no response.

This issue has been going on for many months. Some of what you have advise may be the reason, but I always look prior for weapons who is dead, AS and ARS, wait for the effects to scroll etc and in many cases what you have advised does not answer for it.

Usually when there is a repeatedly advise issues, as a business you would give clear specific instructions on the particular issue and and I have even done it in the past, advising customers how to copy and paste, giving them real time links, recommendations and make the customer feel like we are working though this together.

Instead we r just blanked. No responses, no advice on recording apps, nada nothing. Instead just made to feel like it’s your fault, ur missing something or not taking xyz into account.

So instead of being made to feel like a dunce I’ll just continue to lose the battle or have to use AR etc.

Just trying to help. And also just about every video capturing application let you adjust the resolution and frame rate so you can make the file much smaller. There are a lot of people in this community that probably know a lot more about screen recording than the employees. But good luck and hopefully they get back to you eventually.

I’m a pretty active player and never saw this bug as no one in my faction. We probably do hundreds of duels every day and never notice it.
What I see every time this supposed bug is brought up is that players don’t understand game mechanics, weapons, etc. there’s an example up here where almost certain the reason for random focus is a stun/focus weapon, because of this a video is necessary; I’ve seen this “bug” report in the last 6-8 months and until now no one could reproduce it.

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My points have completely been missed. But to be expected.

Have you seen this happen? I hit every P team I can find and that is a lot but I have not seen this happen yet.

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