Pete or is he so past?

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pete soooooo 2019

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He probably got Mercer


He’s not viable on defence anymore but can’t go wrong if you need an S-Class revive on attack. Be it for PvP or PvE


Pete gets destroyed by priya, but survives from aarav rushes. He’s not bad seeing as the number of s class toons released isn’t too high. Still some use since he’s very tanky


I think 5 tough rosita can revive 2 people at once.

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So no ftp can have a viable defense? You guys need to stop following the herd.

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You got to beef pete up and get one or two stun guns.

Raulito is gonna be in my team since he’s a mini decap (Decap but marked for it) Meaning I dont need a decap when I can use crosshairs and get the kill. I just bought a 360k plat mod so Imma save up for either A. Strong lee if Im getting raulito (I got 10.599 keys for pete.)
B. Get magna get her def and hp and a stun mod. Or C. Beef up pete. Get magna and make her a defense toon. Def mods. Def and hp stats on gun and more. (Haven’t got back to my stun gun experimentation due to not having that one part. The laser sights)

If you stay on top of the meta changes. I got Pete in October, and for 2 months I had a bags of defends. Given that Priya and/or more S-Class are in circulation now, AND there’s new weapons to account for, I doubt the average F2P will be defending much. While still entirely possible, 1 Pete won’t be the sole change

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I’m sure you are in the meta in your top ten faction…

Hard to get defends at all anymore vs Rampage Priya teams

Well in my region it’s Top 3 lol. Whether you define it as the top meta or F2P meta, Pete’s time to shine was when the majority were split between Pete or Priya for their first S-Class. Now the majority have both (or have Priya to be specific) so his value on defence is drastically reduced, as was OP’s point.

The average F2P is probably also usually attacked by the average F2P, so there’s bound to be some defends. Depends on your bracket of course - if you play in the top bracket CRW, it’s bound to be less, but a rung or two lower certainly. (Especially in Wave 2 I’d say)

I still get defends, possibly even against top 30/20 factions, with a defense team I last updated 8 months or so ago, featuring luminaries such as red Zeke and Hunter (I’m a bit embarrassed writing this…). Seen people with three Stoons bouncing off it in raids. I doubt Pete would make it much worse (although he might a bit, as he’s more expensive to make windowless).

[ETA] Also, the majority do not have both or Priya. Think my faction today had the third person get their Pete, and none have S-Priya. Quick estimate, if you assume people got 3000 shards from war/onslaught/events/handouts, it would still take 7k (8 for pete). At about (7*30+130) per week from the roadmap, it would still take about 5 months (6 for Pete). That would mean people would have to have started doing the roadmap for cones in early August, and she wasn’t even out then!

Simple reasoning is if you have to ask then yes.

For most def teams these days not as good as he was. But other parts of the game he is good in attack teams, road maps and sr.

I’m fully free to play and don’t have him yet myself but when I do il have plenty of use for him.

my old ass time out team still does okay lol

People who follow the herd of what the hear the meta is are always behind it…

Also, in the same region as mr jank. I don’t see lots of raids def loses but daily i see more defends than anything

edit going to bed this shit pops up I don’t even have Pete levels up yet. It’s just an erica lol.

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I got Pete a little bit ago, only just T4’d him but during the last few Wars I got plenty defends using him.
Ona day to day basis (if i have my main def up) there are hardly any raids so people are either avoiding the Pete or not raiding at all

I’m not daft, his viability will reduce over time but for now hes a solid def lead and one i’ll stick with a a while yet i’m sure

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