Pete is F2P part 2

Raid crates…Sem raid creates;)

You have him in a year

Crates are for this raids only, no confirmation yet whether for future raids.

Well if you raid enough you can get him from this turny…

whats smook?

ask @TheSteve

You must be kidding. You have to burn hundreds if not over a thousand raid cans if you want to make that happen. Lmao.

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Why are you moaning about the keys being available in raids? If they scatter this through a few events its much more achievable than with that roadmap alone. Its a step in the right direction. Its kinda like you guys just want Scopely to hand you everything for nothing


And yet you can do that roadmap daily with torchs and get them from MS… lot more then playing a RNG game ALSO COSTS LESS>> 147 a day no need play am i lucky today does my 200 raid cans get me lots of boxes?

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How much is enough? Over 4k points and managed 20 keys so far

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War on other hand boxes are great 16h a day man crap loads of boxes So odds even out

I do the first part everyday (just 24 keys) and second when I have enough torches to finish it.

1.3k points and about 180

Well raid cans are everywhere…I dint say that this is the most effective way…but it is a way

They confirmed yesterday that it’s only for the event

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there goes rng… 5k now and only 20 keys

Seen a lot of crazy things on this forum over time but wow that really takes the cake man


so u are trolling people now lol

Everything is F2P! :whale::whale2:

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Has anyone here actually gotten the keys? I’ve opened 40ish, I haven’t gotten any yet.

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