Pete guardian a bit bugged

Scopely, pls look into petes guardian ar.

It seems that when he places guardian on himself and one other teammate, that one other teammate is usually the lowest hp teammate. But if said teammate alrdy has guardian shield, guardian is still applied to that toon, and not to the next lowest hp that has no guardian shield.

Unlike guardian specialist skill, which adds guardian to the lowest hp without guardian shield

So for example if I’m also running Holly, if I use Holly’s normal attack before before petes AR, I end up with 3 guardian shields. If I use petes AR first and then use Holly, I end up with 4 guardian shields.


First S class toon and they couldn’t be bothered to bug test.

Imagine how glitchy the next ones will be when theres 5 or 6 and all glitched

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He’s different that he applies it to already selected targets per his rush. Says ‘those team mates’ implying the targets of the revive.

Keep reading, he also give bonus HP and guardian to himself and one other teammate

Hahaa so confusing. Ah that’s in the s class only.

No it’s on both except the reg version only gives 50% bonus hp

It’s a feature not a bug :wink:

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