Pete bug is annoying

i am aware others have this bug too
when in raids i just had this happen
vs pete was confused stuned and taunted but somehow he used his rush and rezed 2 people
this is annoying as
surely others are experiencing this too


Cleanse on 4th slot + focus is likely why Pete was able to use his rush while under those 3 status effects.

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no he had no cleanse because after he used his rush he was still taunted and confused

Did he act taunted and confused? It’s been my experience that when focused, the symbols for those effects show but they aren’t actually working.

What was the team you faced?

I’ve yet to see one actual video of this bug. It’s very easy to explain away without a video showing what status effects are present. I’ve had Pete rush while taunted against me several times without focus but I suspect Cleanse was involved.

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Its no bug its definitely focus

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If he had a focus stun weapon on Pete or Ivanova used her AS, they wouldn’t be taunted or confused. As for the stun, other than it resisted and didn’t work due to a resist mod, I have no idea why that would randomly clear.

Except focus does not interfere with stun, which the OP mention was active :wink:

I’ll take ur word for it game has become a total dumpster.

People play the game for ages but still don’t know basic stuff lol

and it happened again today with no focus on their team, man its annoying when it happens 2 3 times a day

I’d suggest try recording matches if it’s happening that often. No one will believe there is a real issue without a video because it can be explained as focus or cleanse.

He can still be tainted and confused even when he has focus.

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but he has no focus idk how to say that in terms people understand! focus doesnt cure taunt impair stun confuse does it

Focus does not CURE taunt or confuse. But while a toon has focus applied they are able to ignore the effects of taunt and confuse for however long the effect of focus is applied.

Focus has absolutely no impact on stun and impair what so ever.


What teams are you facing that have had this problem? Any time I’ve seen this “bug” I take a closer look at Pete and be ends up having cleanse/focus/ etc


One important thing to add on to Opie’s explanation is that because focus doesn’t cure taunt or confuse, it can be one of many status effects cycling above the affected character’s head. So, you will clearly see the taunt, but if you wait to see what other status effects are there, you’ll ALSO see focus. That’s why video is needed. A screenshot can show one status effect. A video can show all of them.

If a character has BOTH focus and taunt, he can still use his AR or AS. If he has BOTH focus and confuse, he can still use his AR or AS. Yes, you’ll see the taunt or confuse (or both, if he has all three!), but focus will win.

I’ve been getting videos ‘proving’ that confuse is bugged or a certain character is bugged ever since focus came out. Lots and lots of videos, from teams who win CRW all the way down to people who haven’t unlocked Pete yet. With just one exception in the past couple of years (which was promptly fixed), it was focus.

Get me video, I’ll expedite getting it looked at as a bug. Without video, I won’t even mention it.

It bypasses it as it when focus is active taunt and confuse is still active on him just has no effect. His weapon could give focus or another toon.
If it is an epic weapon with a 4 slot it has the potential to cure one status each turn.

Another toon could recover it or apply focus also.

The OP writes that Pete is also stunned, which can’t be bypassed by focus (though it would be possible for cleanse to remove stun and focus having been activated from being attacked).

I just think it’s a bit strange that someone would apply confuse, taunt and stun on one toon…

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