Pete Anderson and the Blue key Saga

Ok, new Pete looks cool. Rush is great, revive 2 and give them a shield lol.

But I have a question.

It takes 11000 keys to get him.

Odds in premier recruits are 10% for collection items. However there are two types of collection items in the wheel. 1 key or a bag with 5500 keys in it.

My question @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely is - Can you tell us if the chances of getting a key or a bag the same? I would imagine that is not the case. Can this be verified?



Spend unknowingly until you get him!


You have 7 days to pay for keys…smh

I think it has to have multiple keys as we have had similar deals in others wheels that showed tokens but gave a certain amount if shown tokens

THIS is a very good point and VERY suggestive. They cannot possibly be the same odds.

Buy a sports car instead.
my advice


Any advice on this Scopely?

if you want to go for him then ok but if you can not then that is ok to :slightly_smiling_face:

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What if if my heart wants to go for it but my brain wants to not go for it, where will i go then and with whom my heart or brain good friend Kook dear associate please help me i in trouble :fearful::cold_sweat::exploding_head:


Do the keys get turned into supply depot tokens or do you actually get to save them for the next time the toon comes out, or the next toon that uses blue keys? I am sure I already know the answer, but this would not be so bad if blue keys became a new currency you could hold onto for future use. Complete garbage if they just turn into supply depot points when toon disappears.

Well yes, but if I can know in advance if I have a 10% chance on either a 5500 key bag or one key I’d be more inclined to have a go. Sound fair?

if you would stop writing on the forum it would be ok, if you wouldnt do that it would be not ok.


I’m pretty sure if they aren’t equal odds, it violates Apple guidelines.

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They surely aren’t or we would already see a ton of them in game

Exactly. So basically, feel free to spend to your heart’s content if you’re on the App Store. You’ll get it all back.

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I agree but how do you prove that?

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Can you expand on that? :slight_smile:

Funny how Scopes doesn’t like it and punished all players when they make a mistake and players exploit it. They have no problems exploiting peoples gambling habits.


iTs sUpRiSe MeChAnIcS


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