Persona crates?


I have lots of maxed 5*s that need their AR’s levelled up. Any chance we can start seeing some more persona crates?


Uh just train 2s with same persona. Far easier imo and typically by end of tier 3 they are maxed.


That’s what I do too.


There’s a scav mission that takes 5 days to complete (i don’t remember what it’s called unfortunately) and it boosts a random character’s rush. You can usually pick up a few trainers if you use the training grounds to train specific personas as well. Wilderness training, for example, has given me a few Hannahs. You can also buy trainers at the depo.

Best thing to do though, is to make sure a rush is maxed out before moving to the final tier. It’s a lot cheaper, resource wise, to have it done sooner rather than later.


If you’re levelling a 5★ with like persona 2★ all the way through the tiers, there is no way you should have an un-maxed AR by T4 Level 80