Perfect weapons

I have started to believe that perfect weapons are more important now than in the past because of 5* upgrades and the higher stats on s class toons.

What I pose to the crowd is the question of cost vs reward.

Is it worth the item price to make sure you always get huge bonus and 35 def? (For example)

Is there a better way to farm things like duct tape and sharpening kits and spray paint so it’s less painful to reset and try again for those perfect boosts?

Lastly, do y’all think harder about the perfect weapon question knowing you can’t undo a 5* weapon upgrade? On an s class with their own weapon it of course makes the most sense to make that weapon perfect before you upgrade to 5*, but do you actually take the time to ensure that?

I always have had plenty of duct tape and polishing kits so waiting on them has never been an issue. I always prefer to be patient and wait till the weapon is perfect before upgrading it. I’m ftp so this game is all about patience for me. No point wasting armory tokens for a shitty weapon.


I can relate to this. I have about 150 of everything, but really trying to get things perfect adds up.

Not always no. I have a sort of soft rule for myself that 1 non perfection is tolerable, and I have 5 starred a few weapons in a condition like that. But I do prefer perfect and have reset a few trying for it.

To me it’s a matter of getting a weapon to useable rather than perfect and is 2% less attack or hp etc. Worth all the hassle.

Bearing in mind that you can always make a long term swappable weapon down the line.


You get a lot of those from levelling up your player xp. That’s typicaly where all mine have come from.

To put some concrete numbers here, let’s say you have a tank shield with 4500 def. The extra 5% you would get from a perfect build (say 30 vs 35) is 225 def. That’s a pretty small amount these days when you will run into a Priya with 14000 atk.

Maybe it is worth it to save the materials. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good as the saying goes. Better to have more team options with good weapons then???

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It is entirely dependent on the team you are considering. 50% rather than 48% attack will make noticably more difference on a Priya lead toon surrounded by 15/35s due to the exponential increase of the stacks, compared to say a Princess (who isn’t a centre toon). Also Very Large on attack is often more than sufficient for most toons compared to huge - VL will get you there just as efficiently. However Huge on defence is far more important to gain due to how ap gain works when hit.


Yeah specifics matter like sometimes you do need huge ap vs very large for example

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Here is a weird one that worked out well for me in Champions arena today. I had a Victor lead and a Skylar (66ap) with VL on attack. She gained 33 with each hit. However, medium on attack gives +4 and VL gives +8 so I should have been getting +32 not +33 which would have left me short.
I should have given her a huge not VL - that was a mistake that I was fortunately let off by due to faulty programming.

That is the route I have taken. My 5 star weapon selection is large, but a bit scrappy. I like having lots of swap options for flexibility.

But since I have a few more tokens now I am resetting a couple and trying to make improvements here and there.

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Alright I see what you are getting after.

My team currently is Pete lead, Raul, jia, Douglas, and magna.

Magna has a good stun gun with 30 def and 35hp. I 5* that weapon.

Dougy has 35 def, huge on attack, and heal on attack.

Pretty much everyone else has 30def, huge on attack, and whatever that characters special trait is.

Every one has def and hp gold def mods

Feedback on this kind of setup? Anything worth redoing?

Generally I’ll take imperfect over perfect… but if I’m gonna 5* it I want it near as…

Don’t mind couple of percent off but won’t ever take anything like very large over huge bonus
That’s none negotiable…

Generally earl hates me on 5*crafts so that’s where failing and lacking gear. I generally onky craft when have Every thing can including crit ters

I go for perfect when its 4* because once you upgrade to 5* theres no going back. Once at 5* I just go for the slot 4 I need then hopefully crit success on the next 2 slots. As you can see both Priya & Zanders weapon are one away from perfect, but fk it, I’m not gonna reset it when I have other shit to do.

I personally am in the habit of leaving their bound weapon as is, perfect it then 5* it then make a new weapon more customised to how I want them to perform. You never know how the game will evolve so you want options. Yes it’s slow & costly but its safer.

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Im doing quite well on 5 star crafts. Got Rampage for Priya on 2nd attempt, got a 100% crit for Hengyen on 2nd attempt, got 7 15/35s (6 crafted, 1 from league store)… but 3 years later from armoury opening and I STILL havent got an 8% weapon.

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you have to think long-term in this case though: what about ss-class/8*? Stats will then matter a lot more so it’s best to just perfect the craft to get the most optimization from that weapon

Alright, so let’s change the discussion to always going for perfection.

Where do you get all the parts to support the amount of resets you will have doing this?

Short term, though, he has very usable weapons. I tend to get perfect 4*, upgrade, then get the 4th slot I want, then move onto the next weapon. I want at least a couple team player 4 15/35 weapons of every trait plus a few other interesting 4th slots before I worry about perfection.

I’m also not top tier and not paying for armory success, so this strategy matches the rate I have armory tokens coming in right now.


Pretty much no argument there. That’s what I do. It’s not worth trying again for rampage if you get it, not with how hard (except for total war missions) it is to obtain armory tokens and it costs 10k a pop each attempt

It would be great if the weekly armory token roadmap dropped more than a couple thousand. Yes I know you can farm it, but that’s for less than 100 at a time.

I’m talking make it rain armory tokens roadmap.

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