Perfect Weapon for Individual [Advice Thread]

Wanted to start an advice topic.
Where members can ask for advice or some inspiration to make weapons for there toons.
Not weapons in general but for a specific character.

There a lot of experts, veterans and imagination here so I thought it could be a good topic.

Please feel free to ask for suggestions here.
Hopefully some nice members pop on to help. :blush:

I also thought I’d start by asking my own.

Wyatt 6*

May seem simple but I have conflicted thoughts.

Is reflect damage viable now with such high atks?
Wyatt does have a great defence though…would I be best to give HP if I went this route…or maybe Huge Ap when defending?
Also been thinking of parts needed…is it worth getting rid of reflect for say -AP with all the parts that may be needed?
Getting to 360 is important to me too…is the risk of totally changing the weapon worth the reward?

This weapons stuck to him…so it’s needs to be viable with all sorts of leaders and teams…
So what’s your thoughts?


I don’t know much about Wyatt myself, but I’d like to hear thoughts on arming 6* Tyreese. I’m planning to give him the AK-74 with +30% atk and double attack. I just don’t know what to put in slot 2.

I’m thinking huge AP on attack, but I have really bad luck getting crit weapon mods. Also, he already hits very hard, and with that 85ap rush he won’t go off till round 4 anyway. Is it worth it?

Crit might be worth a look. If it goes off he does %50 more damage, but even with +36 crit, he probably won’t go off too often. Not often enough to be reliable in my estimation anyway.

I’d like any thoughts people might have.

I put huge AP on his AK-74 and with command Siddiq I can fire him turn 3. Worth it IMO.


Special weapons like Wyatt’s harpoon or Shiva’s claws are a pain because of 2 reasons:

  • You have to modify them / Can’t use your own crafted weapons
  • Same weapon for attack and defense -> That’s a big downside

Anyway, they are exclusive and look cool.

For Tyreese I’d go AK74 with huge AP on attack. The same weapon is viable for defense too at the current state of RTS. It’s not easy to take down a 6* 1st turn. Once more hard hitters arrive you’ll want to give him a more defensive weapon.

Just like 3 months ago with epics. A toon with revive/impair/stun on attack without a DEF or HP stat is screaming to get killed asap.



i only added 5 attack on for now and will add +5 more and huge ap if i get lucky :slight_smile:

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you don’t use PK and use spray paint for it and i got crit without appyling extra materials. got it on my 3rd try. now i can apply extra mats for huge AP and +5 :slight_smile:


that is what I wanted, sadly I ended up with +38 attack and huge bonus to ap. but it is still awesome.


38 is still awesome thats why i wanted to get +5 without extra mats first then i start working on other 2.

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Wish I had thought of that, I went for the huge ap boost to start off with, got that first time then failed the crit on the last upgrade.

The perfect weapon for alpha is the Dwight gun that you can earn in the museum. Add a crit bonus and she does double attack and her special move together an can wipe out character is one turn it’s awesome


I have been having a look at Wyatt to see what I would do, I really am not sure. I think I would be trying to replace all 3 slots.

I think reflect damage could be used in some situations, but isn’t right on a tank character. if you put it on somebody as fragile as 5* Andrea then you will get some serious reflect damage, but on a tank character like Wyatt normal attacks aren’t going to do enough damage to make the reflect worth it, and it wont reflect rush attacks where most of the damage will be taken. especially if you run him behind a carl lead I don’t think it is the best special he could have.

Almost talking myself into having a reflect damage weapon on a low tier 4* character and see if they can reflect enough damage to kill a 6*, think I might try this while defending using my drop leader.

I like AP down for defence characters, I think that is even more useful in 6* meta as the rushes take longer in general, taking away ap slows them down even more, stun on attack is the other option and seems to be most people’s preferred green weapon mod.

as for the other 2 stats, it depends if you want to turn him into a complete tank, +24-30 defence and hp.
or go attack, huge bonus to ap and then 24-30 attack. I think the defensive option makes more sense with that character model, but depends what you feel you will use him for most often.

Wyatt is a defensive toon, so make him a defensive wpn
Mine have Ap Down, 30 Def, V. Large AP (failed huge)
Ap Down because its the green mod to go for windowless defense setups
30% Defense because his AR gives a defense bonus, so it scalates well (it gives HP bonus too, so both options are viable actually…)
Very large/Huge ap - Essential to make him rush turn 3 in Defense without an AP leader, like 6* Carl. Otherwise, he only Ars turn 4, making it too slow…

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Cool Gannicus.

I think I’ll take your advice.

Ideal weapon for Wyatt 6 *:

Huge Bonus Pa (Def or Atk according to the approach)
30 Hp if Bonus Pa Def or 30 Def if Bonus Pa Atk
-30Pa required

After mine is only 5 * S4 Lv70 so to say exactly what it is worth in 6 *, I do not know. The current meta does not really allow me to spend 6 * in a row. Who knows if one day the 6 * choices will be bigger than now?

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No reflect is not viable. Still not high enough damage returned.

Wyatt consider AP atk, AP Def, 30 Def. Get his rush popping and he can be super annoying. AP defense works very nicely with taunt and his pain split n top of hold the line can really slow players down.

Pair him behind Carl lead, put Shiva in there, command (green or 6s siddiq).


Huge AP and Command Char. Or Impair

Huge AP 40% attack for Tyreese (really effective when attacking with a commander)
As much crit as possible for Alpha so she can one shot reds with a single shot lmao

Dont put AP when taking dmg for him. Seriously, you will ruin his wpn…
Ap on atk - Rush turn 3 at defense, always.
Ap on defense - If the enemy dont atk him, t4 AR. And he also becomes suscetible af to neutralizers.

Ap on defense makes u dependant to the opp target choices, so you place a choice on the opponent hands. If he is smart, he will always do the choices that will benefit his attack more and will hinder ur defense.
Ap on atk is automatic, your toons atk every turn (unless stunned ofc), so the ap flow is pretty much granted. A LOT more solid

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Automatic, this is what I’m assuming everyone is doing.

The AK can go over 410 which is cool to look at.

I also like putting the AK on random 5* to get them to proc early and use an 8% weapon and command etc.

Reflect is just junk for PVP, but it’s golden for some in Surivial Road. I don’t use it there since I already have Barker for the tyreese stages

Lol I’ll probably get the lowest one. 35%, but it’s still good, and blues will one shot reds.