Perfect time-out team?




Yes i would heavily consider this to be a time out team ugh i hate these all out p2p peeps😂


This one is f2p nightmare for sure, but that’s the point of p2w lol
I guess p2p players have some heavy hitters and could run right through that, but once these lads pop their ar it’s gg and ty is using his provoke at round two or three


for those who are wondering:
Lydia abs hp def / stun resist hp mod
Lydia abs hp def / stun resist hp mod
Jesus abs hp def / stun resist hp mod
Magna impair hp def / stun resist defence mod
Ty abs hp def / stun resist hp mod


Honestly as soon as I would see that I would automatically just leave the match lol


It’s not perfect time-out team. With two Erikas - ok, but I didn’t see good Lydia yet. Show me what she is using, what you did with weapons and mods. And still, it highly depend on mods on Magna and Jesus. Abs def weapons guarantees absolutely nothing.


I hit auto x3 and it was a time out with no casualties, but his team had 100% bonus hp :joy:


Abs and stun resist mods with high percentage is hell of a nice combo though


This is my best time out team.


Chain revives are pissing every1 off, gj :ok_hand::sweat_smile:



Also good time-out teams


I agree. Lydia definitely needs the stun resist to max her potential. I faced several Lydia’s yesterday with no stun resist mods and she was just food for my f2p stun green team


I love greens :smiley: Have a team like yours and it’s those Lydia’s die fast :wink:

Ok, but seriously now - why people don’t put AP on ATT on her 2nd slot? She is extremely slow.


I diiiiiid.


Great thinking then :slight_smile:


85AP means they rush turn4… Not really a perfect timeout


Dupe toons. Zero skills.


Went on a whaling expedition in war yesterday, must suck to blow a couple hundred (at least) on a team only to have it tore up with f2p toons, RIP whale ego

Even more satisfying given that team had a 20% def boost

(apologies for the bad timing on that one)


Decent defense teams and nice work, but money can’t replace player skill. One of the best attackers i knew in the game only needed 2 promos to be a top scorer vs anyone. Skill with a lil spending is all it takes to be easily top in the game. P13 mainly buys SR tourneys and Raids plus 90% of promos riding the bench.

I myself spend but can revel in the joy you share in beating dumb spenders that wish it was 5* days where all you had to do was slot in promos with no knowledge of the game and feel like a king.


What kindof mods /weapons do you work with? Stun/AD…?