Peoples are buying toons from vk scopley

What you gonna do for that ?
I know it’s not new , but ain’t it enough already .
Isn’t time to kick your employees who works with Russian for some money free of taxes, if you know what I mean.

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Nothing new keep on dying

Vk are cheaper :joy:


lol VK exists since the beginning of this game… so Scammely dont give a f… about them

VK can work in their favor sometimes unfortunately because it will push some to spend legit money trying to keep up with people who are not legit

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VK would likely be less present if the first party source didn’t have insane prices for things (most games I play never charge 260 dollars for a garuanteed new character)


260? More like 2600 it is so absurd it is hard to believe.

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With only a .4% chance of pulling an ascendable I can understand why people are buying from vk but personally i wouldn’t take the chance of having my account stolen.


Scopely does fix stuff related to how sellers on VK get their stuff but the hackers just keep finding new ways

Vk actually has reasonable prices. Not even amazing considering it’s all fake but in scopes terms they are very cheap. Will only cost you 500 pr so for the new s class toons as opposed to the 2k plus now. Both are absoultly rediculous. 100 bucks is a lot of money and should buy almost everything in a game

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find a vk user in leagues

i cant even stay in D3 with good team and smashing arenas and getting shit rng and war non stop am player that scores 300k+ every war

If you have evidence of cheating, please follow the instructions in that post. If all you have is pictures of their profile, keep it off the forums.

i report it but the evidence is there how can anyone be S11 D3 with 36k prestige not even barey 3 months of logging in looks he most of promos aswell plus its wolf pack so its nothing new.

dont know his $$ so going use mine

$160 for 8.250k coins times 2 12.500 pts.
$48 for 10 pull x2 3500
if he pulling toons with in game coins just doing 100 for bonus items he would be well over 36k…

cant forget needed gear… vk sells lots for less $50…

Are you on drugs? Actually reasonably priced my ass!

No saying you are wrong but If he’s a newer player he could get a decent amount of coins from missions/levels and especially tapjoy. Have decent luck could get a good team. And d3 isn’t really difficult to reach if you want it… staying there consistently is

Sure but its still not enough do 100 on each toon seemly he has every promo. dont think there is any coins in first 100 levels aswell.

True there’s only about 50 coins in the first 100 my bad. If he has every promo than ya can’t get that but a s11 team is obtainable. You can get a lot of coins (100k +) through tapjoy if you haven’t done their offers and do them during bonus events

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