PeoPle who gOt cOiNs iN tErritories shOuld be b@nned for liFe

there has been another glitch/exploit in the game where players can get coins in territories I think they should be b4nned



They don’t deserve those coins because I didn’t get them.


I know right? Same

I always miss out. Lol. And I would have notified Scopely if I had of received them. I just couldn’t take it in good conscious. Lol. But still…

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Yes. B@n everyone so there is no one left to play. Crap there is enough threads on this already.


I got em - u have to turn phone to airplane mode and it only works on high school when it glitches. Search YouTube. You will find the video on how! Can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet


I agree everyone should be banned… Last man standing in this biotch lol


This has to be high level trolling right

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Damn those oppotunists!!!

Someone make a meme of scopely calling us opportunists please haha

Yes I give myself 10/10

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