People that took advantage of the skull tokens should have their accounts deleted

Didn’t read the whole thread but…

If they did nuke my account over this, I would be ecstatic. I’m on the fence all the time about quitting because they constantly screw things up anyways. That would just be like ripping off the bandaid.

Unfortunately they like my money (what little of it I give them)

People who make threads about having peoples accounts deleted should have their accounts deleted. :smirk:


I give this thread a D- for trolling. Only reason its not a solid F is because I clicked on it :rofl:

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I dont want to be that guy but i hope for the rollback. I have a really good acct being offered but the seller increased the price bc the acct now has an insane amount of coins. His gain my loss.


They will always be those that cheat the system and get by with it. I’m Wolfys wreckers on this game and I feel good knowing I earned everything I have. I have 3 6* and alot of others that my blood, sweat and tears paid for. I am a member of SC , and bought Beta. But my Negan and Yumiko I earned. I think Scopely should compensate the ppl that are losing out bc of the ones taking advantage. To me, that would be the fairer way to handle it. Let everyone take a turn at it. That way no one is left out. And find a way to penalize those who abused it. Thank you.

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